On Minimalism & What It Means to Me

I'm so pleased to offer another guest post on my blog! Today you are hearing from my friend Stephanie, who lives in a pretty small home with her husband Josh and TOO much stuff. They have been on a journey to discover what exactly minimalism means for them. Her post is witty, practical, and a quick read. You'll love it!

Do Your Clothing Options Give You Decision Fatigue?

Having too many options for outfits in the morning has always been tough for me. True, I'm no fashion guru! But I also realized several years ago that I really only wear a few things most of the time. There's a principle you may have heard of....the Pareto Principle? It's the 80/20 Rule. Apply this to clothing. I wear 20% of my clothing, shoes, accessories, etc 80% of the time. I don't know about you, but this is totally true for me!