Pantry Priorities: Part 2

As I wrote the previous post, Pantry Priorities: Part 1, I kept feeling the pull to explore why someone would organize a pantry, or why someone who doesn’t want to organize should consider it anyway.  Since I am chronically verbose, I knew I’d fail to keep the post under an acceptable length of 900-1K words if I tried to do both. So in Part 1, I went with how. But today, join me on an adventure into the subjective landscape of why.

Families: One Income or Two?

For many years I believed it was impossible for our family to live off one income. Or at least impossible to do well. I have grappled a lot with what "doing it well" means for our family. If this is something you have been considering, but have held back, you might want to check out the rest of Becker's work too. While he can't take into consideration your specific numbers, needs, and values, he does lay out some excellent principles and steps they took to plan to become a one income family. I have found the principles realistic and challenging in a good way.