Looking For a Book About Organizing? Here Are My Favorites!

Ya'll, I love to read. It's just about my favorite thing to do. And it's a darn good thing too, because I had to read a lot of books when I started this business! Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite books on organizing, and why they made my list.

For those of you who have read popular books (ahem, Marie Kondo) and are still struggling, or just feel like you need a more unique approach, Judith Kolberg is your woman. Her book, Conquering Chronic Disorganization is just fab. Her sometimes strange and mysterious methods might be just what you are looking for! Just don't let the book cover graphics throw you off course. It needs updating. Ok, I lied. It needs a LOT of updating. (Insert laughing/crying emoji here)

For those of you who are more introspective and have a need to sort out what's happening inside, and not just your physical stuff, Cindy Glovinsky has got you covered. Cindy's book, Making Peace With the Things In Your Life, delves more into the psychological aspect of what is going on concerning our "stuff." There are several questionnaires in the form of inventories to help facilitate the process of figuring out why we have the things we do, how they got into our homes, why we often can't let them go, etc. This is a really great book!

For those of you who may want to tackle disorganized spaces room by room, you might enjoy Organizing from the Inside Out, by Julie Morgenstern and Organizing Plain & Simple, by Donna Smallin. Both authors apply their own strategies to tackling various parts of the home.

Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider is also challenging and well written. I especially appreciate her simple living approach and Chapter 3 of her book which is dedicated to helping readers write a Family Mission Statement.

What about you? Have you read any good books you can recommend? I'd love to hear what they are! Happy reading and happy organizing!