Why I Love Working With Clients

To the point! Below are my top three reasons why I love working with clients:

1) My clients are challenged if not often stuck, due to disorganization in their homes. I often hear phrases such as "It's just too much. I'm overwhelmed," "I can't do this alone," and "How should I do this?" Clients are some times embarrassed by their piles or feeling really insecure about their ability to get the job done. They need someone objective, nonjudgmental, and encouraging to facilitate the process. I love being that person! It's a real honor to hold that person's trust, and I don't take it lightly.

2) Some of my clients are repeat clients and they invest time weekly with me as they move from project to project. Getting the opportunity to watch my clients change and become more comfortable in their own homes as they get organized is really special. They might begin to understand their own values more clearly, or feel more empowered to let go of things that they just couldn't part with in the past, or they learn something new about themselves. Getting to work with clients over time is a real pleasure!

3) This may sound trite, but who cares. Ya'll, my clients are FUN. I love working with them because they are fun. What more can I say about that? They make me laugh, and they inspire me, and we really do get into all sorts of mischief. Organizing mischief, that is. If you're gonna get organized, get ready to laugh!  (Insert smiley face here.)