Before & After: Baby Gear & Consignment Prep

This was such a fun and satisfying project! A client of mine had been stockpiling baby and children's gear up in the second story of her home as it is rarely used. But, because she didn't have an organization plan to start with, over time the piles of stuff just grew and grew. A lot of these items were things that she was waiting to use or might need again in the future. She described this area as out of control and overwhelming. 

We decided on categories that made sense to her, and then went through each box sorting items around the room into their respective categories. This took a long time! My client spent about 3+ hours a week for several weeks on this project and I am super impressed and proud. She was also able to part with a lot of items that were donated to newly arriving refugee families with babies. 

Not only can she easily access what she needs in the future, she can also consign a lot of this stuff in a highly organized way that will take little to no time to accomplish!