Does Your Office Need Some TLC?

I recently had the privilege of working with a client in her home office, which was beautiful even in its cluttered state! It's a really cool little nook off the kitchen with a "peephole" to boot! (See above photo) My client expressed how overwhelmed she was just going in there and looking around at everything. Her children are grown up now and the room has changed a lot over the years. 

After purging the various areas, we spent some time recreating stations and boundaries for things like books, papers, notebooks, gift wrap, and my client's hefty work training notebooks for her job. I also introduced my client to the Tickler File. (See above photo) If you are going mad due to unwanted paper chaos, this baby may just save your life! You can read more about this cool product here.

I love how excited my client was to put some finishing touches on the space, including hiring a handyman to figure out how to hide all those cords from various technology and outlets! She's still got the beautiful office, but now she can walk in to it with peace and a sense of accomplishment.