Got Photos? Not Into Scrapbooks?

My client was overwhelmed by all her boxes and drawers of old photos. She used to scrapbook and had quite the scrapbook storage system, but it had years of unfinished paper cut outs and photos spewing out of it. She admitted she would never finish and her husband had been begging her to get the boys' photos in some sort of order for years. 

This was my first attempt at photo organization, and it was a rather organic process! I am indebted to my dear client for trusting me with such a huge endeavor. We started by grabbing a chunk of pictures and because my client had never labeled any of the photos, we did not organize anything by the year. She found it much easier and logical to organize by theme or topic, such as, "Gatlinburg Trip," "Our Pets," "Cousins," etc.

We spread out photos on a very large dining room table and as she identified an event or important moment, we came up with a label for that category and placed that photo in a temporary plastic bag. We continually added to these bags. By the end, we had A LOT of bags! What was nice about this system was that at the end of an organizing session, we would simply place the plastic bags in a large container and set off to the side until next time when we could continue. 

My client worked for many weeks on this project, but now can simply pull out her boxes during family holidays and know exactly where that picture of Aunt Gertrude with all the cousins is!

You can purchase these nifty photo storage boxes at Container Store or the craft store, Michael's.