Organizers Are Not Magicians: Why Maintenance Matters

I really love Harry Potter. Some times, after a project with a client is completed, I think it would be so nice to cast a spell on that area of their home that would protect it from, well, humans. You know. Messes. Future crap. More stuff. Unhelpful habits that lead to undoing. All kinds of unraveling.


Most clients feel so liberated and excited after finishing an organizing project, as they should! It's not for the faint of heart and it requires work, ya'll. The challenge a lot of clients face is keeping that area or desk or room the way we've organized it. Different things work for different people. Trial and error should be expected.

Backsliding is normal and common. Not having a perfect house is GOOD. I commonly communicate these things to my clients so they don't feel sad or down that their space got a little crazy again. BUT! I also urge them to pursue routine maintenance. When you invest your time and money and heart into it, it only makes sense that you would protect it.

Here is a great blog post about maintaining a space after the initial project is done.

What ways have you maintained an area of your home after getting organized?