Playroom Makeover!

Working with an empty slate is SO fun! This client was struggling to get her daughters' play area in order since they moved into their new home months ago. In addition she wanted help in creating an actual "zone" for them to play in, since their play area is also in the media room.

I asked my client to come up with the most important play areas or categories for the girls. This informed how I designed the different zones. I made sure to have a designated area for playing house, doing artwork, access to the dollhouse at their level, and tents for puppet shows and dress up. Can you see that ice cream cart?! So adorable. Play food has come a long way since my day!

We used Closetmaid cubed shelving from Target, along with matching fabric bins for sorting toys. We also created picture labels with velcro for each bin for easier and more organized clean up. 

A great project for two very sweet little girls!