So You Think You Know What Professional Organizers Do?

I came across a really fabulous article today that exposes some myths about what professional organizers do. I wish I had written it myself, but alas, I did not!

I think there are a lot of folks out there who think I want to throw all their things away or turn them into minimalists for life. Oh, and never buy anything again. Sounds fun, eh? Sign me UP!

I also think there are folks out there who think their homes need to look like Pinterest, and that an organizer is obviously a magician, so "BAM! Let's get to work!"

There are others who are afraid of working with organizers because organizers will demand perfection and be OCD and all, "Let's organize your food alphabetically!"

I'm happy to tell you these are all crazy and untrue. Read some more myths here to help you make a decision to hire one already!