Before & After

Got Photos? Not Into Scrapbooks?

My client was overwhelmed by all her boxes and drawers of old photos. She used to scrapbook and had quite the scrapbook storage system, but it had years of unfinished paper cut outs and photos spewing out of it. She admitted she would never finish and her husband had been begging her to get the boys' photos in some sort of order for years. 

Playroom Makeover!

Working with an empty slate is SO fun! This client was struggling to get her daughters' play area in order since they moved into their new home months ago. In addition she wanted help in creating an actual "zone" for them to play in, since their play area is also in the media room. 

Does Your Office Need Some TLC?

I recently had the privilege of working with a client in her home office, which was beautiful even in its cluttered state! It's a really cool little nook off the kitchen with a "peephole" to boot! (See above photo) My client expressed how overwhelmed she was just going in there and looking around at everything. Her children are grown up now and the room has changed a lot over the years. 

Before & After: Baby Gear & Consignment Prep

This was such a fun and satisfying project! A client of mine had been stockpiling baby and children's gear up in the second story of her home as it is rarely used. But, because she didn't have an organization plan to start with, over time the piles of stuff just grew and grew. A lot of these items were things that she was waiting to use or might need again in the future. She described this area as out of control and overwhelming.