Guest Post

Pantry Priorities: Part 2

As I wrote the previous post, Pantry Priorities: Part 1, I kept feeling the pull to explore why someone would organize a pantry, or why someone who doesn’t want to organize should consider it anyway.  Since I am chronically verbose, I knew I’d fail to keep the post under an acceptable length of 900-1K words if I tried to do both. So in Part 1, I went with how. But today, join me on an adventure into the subjective landscape of why.

On Minimalism & What It Means to Me

I'm so pleased to offer another guest post on my blog! Today you are hearing from my friend Stephanie, who lives in a pretty small home with her husband Josh and TOO much stuff. They have been on a journey to discover what exactly minimalism means for them. Her post is witty, practical, and a quick read. You'll love it!