This client's office is actually located in an old, historic home. There is lots of natural light and charm in this space. This client faced significant organizational challenges as her work often involved storing and using materials and supplies at various locations around her neighborhood. This client also wanted to rearrange her space to make it more friendly to visitors. We talked through the most important aspects of her office and decided a small reading area would really warm up the space, since she has so many books.

After sorting and purging every space, we used storage bins she already had and created "homes" for all her materials and supplies for the varying locations where she worked during the week. By labeling the bins, each weekly, monthly, and yearly event now has a home. The bins she accesses every week/month are located most closely to her in a closet nearby. Bins containing items used at yearly events or rarely are stored in the basement. Lastly, this client really desired to have a desk space that would facilitate productivity, as well as inspire creativity. We used her printer as a dividing mechanism for her "productive" space and her "creative" space and only set out the supplies she needs for those spaces on a daily basis. All other supplies are stored in her closet.