This client had recently moved into a new home and was excited about having this amazing storage space right off her bedroom. The only problem was that there was random stuff everywhere, left over from friends assisting in her move. Grateful for her friends' help, but also longing for some sanity, she asked me for help. We spent some time purging, as there were items she had simply packed up in the move, but not really taken stock of for many years. This client loves Christmas decorations, so we made sure to give a hefty amount of shelving space for those items. This client also loves to travel, so we made sure to create hanging space for some of her camping gear, as well as on the shelves. The last thing we spent time working through were keepsakes that literally had found their way into every type of box, notebook, nook and cranny. We created a bin solely for the protection of these items: family events, world travel, journals, keepsakes from her previous career, as well as some very old documents from the 1940's. Everything is labeled, and as you can see, she has shelving to spare. Always a good thing!