This client hired me to help her organize her craft room after moving into a new home. She is very creative and loves crafting. Her newest passion is weaving which is amazing. Look at that loom! One challenge this client faced was going through old craft hobbies and supplies that she had not used in a very long time. Making decisions about what hobbies and crafts still brought her joy was something we spent a lot of time talking through. 

She now has a sewing table and a weaving shelf for all her supplies. Before we started, her closet was full of miscellaneous items. Now it is home to her bags containing needlepoint, embroidery, knitting, and craft supplies. We also rearranged the furniture a bit to create a more open feel when walking through the door. She plans on hanging some of her handwoven rugs and pieces on the wall beside the loom. My favorite thing about this room are the colorful balls of wool for weaving. A beautiful pop of color!