This client laughingly referred to her space as a giant catch all since it is located right next to the entrance they use most often. Although designed to be a laundry room, this space had become part laundry, part pantry, part mud room, and part storage for several miscellaneous items, including the dog food. The two things this client told me she hated most about this space was how cluttered and full it looked and how impractical the wire shelving was for many of her pantry items.

We started by removing everything from the space and spreading out the items. Because the client did not just want a practical space, but something lovely as well, she decided there were certain items she did not want to store in this space, so we took a quick inventory of her other storage spaces and utilized these accordingly. While the client's husband installed some new clean white shelving, we met at a few stores to look at storage for her pantry and laundry items. We went prepared with a list of possible storage items we might need and talked through the cost, practicality, and beauty of each one until the client found what she was looking for. The client then placed everything in a way that made the most sense to her.