It is a joy to work with my clients! Here's what some of them are saying:

"I recently had the distinct pleasure of working with Meredith to get some semblance of order in our master bedroom in our new home. Purging well and making sure that every thing has a home were not skills that I acquired during my growing up years. Over the time that we worked together, Meredith became something of a guru for me in that department. Her work could be defined as part teacher, part “stuff” counselor, part friend, and part task master. Through the entire project, she kept a sense of humor, a kind demeanor, and plenty of patience (I was in my third trimester when we started and managing life with a newborn when we wrapped up). Her help and encouragement know no bounds, and I could not be happier with the end result of our work. (Let it be known that my husband was pretty thrilled with the end result as well!)

Meg, Nashville Moms Blog (Read more about her experience here.)

"Our new home has a large bonus room that we wanted to utilize as both a play space for our daughters and as a media room for the entire family. Toys were piling up on the floor with no real place to be put away, and the room became incredibly cluttered. I was overwhelmed with the space and needed guidance on how to arrange the two distinct areas. Meredith was incredible -- she had a vision for how to position everything to make it a functional space for all of us. Now all the toys have a designated space and our daughters love cleaning up after playtime. When I asked my youngest daughter if she liked the new space, she said, 'No, I do not. I love it!' Success!"

Lara, Franklin

"I was overwhelmed by my own disorganization for a long time and knew I needed help from a professional organizer, but frankly, I didn't think I could afford it. After working with well-meaning friends and family, I felt intimidated by the idea of someone coming in and making me get rid of all my stuff -- even though I needed to! Along came Meredith, who made both of those concerns disappear. Her rates are very affordable, and she was great about working within my limited budget. In addition, her approach to helping me organize my space was very respectful of my feelings, my anxieties and my end goal. We set up weekly sessions, and she helped me make the tough decisions without ever making me feel like it was her way or the highway. She even took my discarded items to the charities of my choice and brought back my tax-deductible receipts each week! What a tremendous help! I would hire her again in a minute, and would absolutely recommend her to anyone who's even thinking they need a little help."

Ellen, East Nashville

"Before I hired Meredith to help organize my laundry room, I thought I probably did not really need help in throwing things out and organizing. But her help turned out to be invaluable. She motivated me to go through my things, carefully deciding what should be kept, relocated, given away, or discarded. When we finished organizing my laundry room, not only were all my items in an order that made sense, but I found I had extra EMPTY space. Meredith is a great professional organizer, but also a good counselor and encourager! I highly recommend her services and I look forward to having her help me with my garage in the near future."

Melanie, Franklin

I had the pleasure of working with Meredith in her role as a professional organizer after my daughter and son-in-law gifted me with 12 hours of her time for Christmas. We started with my home office. Over the course of time, it had become so cluttered and disorganized that I dreaded going in there. I knew what needed to be done, but I became overhwhelmed just thinking about it. Enter Meredith. We started by discussing how I had been using the space, and how I envisioned using the space moving forward. We pulled everything out of cabinets, drawers and shelves and began the purging process. Meredith was extremely helpful as we sorted through what to keep, what to purge, and what items I needed to take action on. Meredith and i worked as a team throughout the process. She was both patient and motivating as we sorted, discarded, donated, and ultimately reorganized my office space. She even introduced me to a new filing system to help me keep track of bills to be paid, invitations , and other items that need to be acted upon by a certain date. It is a wonderful feeling to have a sense of order restored to my office again! Meredith even inspired me to tackle some other projects on my own as well. No doubt I will be calling on her again soon to help me with my basement storage area. I would not hesitate to recommend Meredith to anyone considering a home organizer!

Mindy, Franklin

"It's no small feat to find homes for items in your work space. It's a mighty joyful thing to have someone encourage you to mentally step away from the work clutter to see how implementing certain organizational systems can assist productivity and encourage creativity. Meredith is exactly who I needed to do this. My work world was full of moving pieces. Meredith helped me find homes for all these pieces as well as make my office warm and inviting. I am so grateful for her encouragement and listening ear!"

Jen, East Nashville